River Rafting Camping – at The Ganga Rishikesh

CAMPING AND RIVER RAFTING — RISHIKESH: Camp Location -KAUDIYALA, 800 meter distance at road to camp side:  Camping is perhaps one of the easiest ways of enjoying the wonders that...

Camp Location -KAUDIYALA, 800 meter distance at road to camp side: 

Camping is perhaps one of the easiest ways of enjoying the wonders that nature has given to Himalayas especially besides the river Ganga. We offer organized camps providing accommodation; catering and a variety of activities like hikes, fishing, nature tours, rock climbing and river rafting.  We offer quality services and tasty food at our camps.

Kaudiyala is a small village and its located in between Rishikesh Uttarakhand – Srinagar, Badrinath highway. Kaudiyala in beautiful location and located 380 m high of sea level nearby Rishikesh. Kaudiyala is perfect place for White Water Rafting, one can have looks of hills with roaring sound of famous rafting rapid The Danies Dip, Three Blind Mice. Kaudiyala is an ideal Destination.
Kaudiyala White water rafting is a good sport practiced here. Kaudiyala is rafter’s paradise and grade 4 + Rapid The Wall comes between Kaudiayal to Marine Drive and Shivpuri. We offer Beach/ Riverside Camp White Water River Rafting in collaboration with the team of experts and dedicated staff on river rafting on Banks of Alaknanda River Ganga Rishikesh Uttarakhand India.

River rafting at the Ganga

The Ganga has a mixed river section of Grade I – IV Rapids, easygoing waters to wild waters followed by relaxing stretches where one can even body surf with the gentle waves. The stretch of Ganga from Kaudiyala has 12 major rapids over 36 Kms. The first 20 Kms of this stretch has famous rapids like three blind mice, wall, black money, daniel’s dip, etc. But the real excitement begins at Shivpuri(16Kms) which is the most courageous and exciting stretch with most of the rapids like roller coaster, golf course, double trouble etc. The final point to join in the fun is Brahmpuri (9 Kms), along with some rapids. Activities like body surfing, cliff jumping etc. are enjoyed only in this stretch.



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River Rafting Season
1st September to 30th June River Ganga Rishikesh
What to bring
River Sandle, Towel, Light Cloths for river, Sleeping Bag, sunburn Lotion, Swim Suit, Camera & Personal requisites.

Stretch Distance Duration
Marine Drive
9 Kms
16 Kms
25 Kms
36 Kms
2 Hrs
3 Hrs
4 Hrs
5 Hrs

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Inside view of the TENT in our Camp

Camp fire beside the River GANGA

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