Camp at Devariya Tal (THT486)


Camping at Devariya Tal, Uttrakhand

Deoria Tal lake  is about 3 km from villages of Mastura and Sari at an altitude of 2438 meters. It is situated on the Chopta – Ukhimath road about 3 kms, from roadside at  Sari Village. This lake has captivating surroundings with forests all around. The reflection of the mighty Chaukhamba peak in the lake creates a beautiful effect. The road is motor able  upto Sari, 10 kilometers  from Ukhimath and from there one has to trek
An easy 3 km trek with rocky path from Sari village will bring you to the enchanting site of Devariya Tal.  Sari Village is located on Ukhimath – Gopeshwar road, very close to Chopta. 

DEVARIYA TAL History and Legend:

It is believed that the recognition of this lake is from Mahabharata era. Although there are several mythological story  which can be heard from local peoples that they have heard from their forefather.
According to one  legend, it is believed that Lord Krishna created this lake with help of Vasuki Naag (several headed cobra) to quench the thirst of the Pandavas on uphill top of Sari village.
According to another legend  it is believed that Hindu Gods used to bath in this lake  hence it is named as Devariya  (Dev or  देव in Hindi) Hence the Devariya Lake.  Here every year a fair is being organized by the local villages on the occasion of on Krishna Janmashtami.


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