BAGESHWAR Bageshwar  known for its scenic beauty, rivers as well as temples is a small town in Bageshwar district in the state of Uttrakhand, India.  It is just 475 km...


Bageshwar  known for its scenic beauty, rivers as well as temples is a small town in Bageshwar district in the state of Uttrakhand, India.  It is just 475 km from Delhi and about 335 km from the state capital Dehradun.  Bageshwar township lies on the holy confluence of the rivers Gomti and Saryu at a elevation of 960 meters.  It is known as the land of ‘SADASHIVA’ has attracted not only saints and devotees through  ages but the adventure loving young trekkers also -infect its a trekkers paradise as it is the entry gateway to some of the famous trekking spots such as Kafni Glacier,  Pindari Glacier and  Sunderdunga Glacier.

Before the Indo-China war of 1962, Bageshwar  was a major trading place for the Tibeten and Kumaun people and was frequently visited by the Bhotia trades, who bartered Tibetan items such as wool, salt and Borax in exchange for  Carpets and other local produces in Bageshwar.

The district of Bageshwar was established in the year 1997. Prior to this, Bageshwar was part of Almora district.  Bageshwar district is in the eastern Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, and is bounded on the west and northwest by Chamoli District, on the northeast and east by Pithoragarh District, and on the south by Almora District. The town of Bageshwar is the district headquarters.  Main rivers flowing across Bageshwar are –Pindar, Saryu/Sarju, Gomati, and Pungar, the latter two being tributary of Sarju. Many other riverines, locally known as GADHERA meet these at different places.

The primary food of Bageshwar is vegetables with wheat being a staple.  Coarse grain with high fiber content is very common in Uttarakhand due to the harsh terrain.  Another crop which is associated with Uttarakhand is Buckwheat (locally called Madua or Jhingora).   Simple recipes are made interesting with the use of hash seeds “Jakhiya” as spice. Bal Mithai is a popular fudge-like sweet. Other popular dishes include Dubuk, Chains, Kap, Chutkani, Sei, and gulgula. A regional variation of Kadhi called Jhoi or Jholi is also popular.


BAGNATH TEMPLE -  This temple was erected by the Kumaun king, Laxmi Chand, about 1450 A.D. but there is an interesting Sanskrit inscription there of a far earlier date. This place has a cluster of temples. Prominent amoug these temples are the Bairav temple, Dattatrey Maharaj, Ganga Mai temple, Hanuman temple, Durga temple, Kalika temple, Thingal Bhirav temple, Panchnam Junakhara and the Vaneshwar temple.

CHANDIKA TEMPLE – A beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Chandika stands at a distance of about half a kilometre from Bageshwar. During the Navratras months devoties gather here and offer pujas to the deity.  

GAURI UDIYAR – This is situated 8 km from Bageshwer. A large cave, measuring 20 m x 95 m is situated here, which houses the idols of Lord Shiva.  

SRIHARU TEMPLE – The Sriharu temple, is situated at a distance of about 5 km from Bageshwer. The devotees believe that prayers for wish fulfilment here never go in vein. Every year, a large fair is organised on the Vijya Dashmi day following the Navratras.


  • AIR – The nearest Airport to Bageshwar is Pant Nagtar, at a distance of 208 kms.
  • RAIL – The nearest Railway Station to Bageshwar is Kathgodam, which is 180 kms.
  • Road – Bageshwar is well connected by road with most of the major towns of the area such as
    • Almora   (90 Kms)
    • Nainital  (137 KMS)
    • Kathgodam (180 Kms)
    • Pant Nagar (206 Kms)








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