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Best Camping location of Himachal  – the  Barot valley, District Mandi Himachal Pradesh Barot Valley, Himachal Pradesh is easily accessible from  Delhi; Chandigarh; Amritsar; Una; Pathankot; Dharamshala & Mandi via...

Best Camping location of Himachal  – the  Barot valley, District Mandi Himachal Pradesh

Barot Valley, Himachal Pradesh is easily accessible from  Delhi; Chandigarh; Amritsar; Una; Pathankot; Dharamshala & Mandi via all means of transport, i.e, road, railway and air. The nearest airport to Barot is Gaggal airport, Kangra which is about 97 km and also from Bhuntar airport in Kullu which is about 128 km.  Jogindernagar railway station is the nearest rail connection to this place which is about 40km.  Dharamshala is about 115 km from Barot.

Barot is located in Chauhar/Chuhar Valley at an altitude of 1,830 Metres or 6,001 Feet -  in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh (about 66 km from Mandi, the district headquarters).  It is situated at a distance of about 40  km from Joginder Nagar,  on the Mandi – Pathankot Highway.  The road  from Ghatasni, a place on Mandi – Pathankot Highway and Barot lies at a distance of about 25 kms from Ghatasani.  The haulage trolley  run by Punjab State Electricity Board also connects Joginderagar with Barot. Use of haulage trolley shortens the distance by 12 km. Unfortunately, the trolley is not in use anymore now but when it was in use it give one a unique experience which i had once a  long time back when Barot valley was unheard and hidden.

Barot Village has two reservoirs under Shanan Power Project. The gushing water of Uhl River, apart from adding all the charm to this hamlet, also allow locals for trout breeding. In fact, there is a trout breeding centre from where the fishes are released into the river.  The travelers, however, can get involved in activities like angling / fishing, hiking, trekking, picnic, etc..  A nominal fees of INR 100 is charged for a single day license for trout fishing in Barot Valley.

Barot Valley was initially developed for a hydel project over the Uhl river that has now become a rising tourist spot for travelers who have a longing for mountains. Barot Valley offers great opportunities to travelers who want to quench their thirst for adventure. Barot Valley trek, camping, and fishing are some of the popular activities of this area.

Plan your trip to Himachal and include this hidden gem of Himachal -Barot valley  in your itinerary for a stimulating experience……

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camping trekking himachal- Barot valley

Train from Pathankot to Joginder Nagar nearest railway station for Barot

camping trekking himachal-Barot valley

Barot - river Uhl Himachal Pradesh

Barot Valley weather is fairly moderate, i.e., neither too hot in summers nor too cold in winters. The average annual temperature is close to 16°C. Barot valley can be visited at any time of the year except for monsoons because the area receives heavy rainfall due to surrounding dense forests.  Some times the road get blocked due to landsliding.  Barot Valley is a trekkers paradise because there are number of trekking trails pass through this valley.  one can trek to  Chotta Bhangal; Billing; Kothikohar village; Baragram; Rajgunda village and can trek to Manali via Thumsar Jot also.  Always pack a few warm woolen clothes even if you are traveling in summer, as the weather becomes chilly at night.   Carry necessary medicines if you suffer from motion sickness.  ATMs are not abundantly available in Barot Valley, therefore it is advisable to carry enough cash with you while travelling to Barot.  Also in some area the mobile network connectivity is not good.  My first visit to Barot valley rather  I can call my first trek to CHOTTA BHANGHAL  was in the year 2012 and i found this region very fascination.  And i keep on visiting this area again an again ……… I am sure that If you have a love and passion for trekking and adventure then you will fall in love with this place —- BAROT ….

camping trekking himachal - Barot -Rajgunda - Billing -Barot Snowfall - Winter season starts from October onwards. Normally Barot receives snowfall in the months of December, January and February.  Average temperature of various months is as follows: Now it is up to you whether you want to visit Barot during winters to witness snowfall or during summers to escape the heat of central India.

Trekking- Baragram to Billing-- river Uhl near Rajgunda village


camping trekking himachal Barot; Rajgunda; Billing

River Uhl as seen during the trekking tour to Barot









trekking camping Himachal-Barot- Rajgunda -Bir Billing

Children from Rajgunda village - Trek Billing-Rajgunda

trekking camping Himachal- Barot-Bir- Billing

Baort - 40 km from Joginder Nagar Railway Station

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