Devi Darshan Tour Himachal – MAA CHINTPURNI DEVI

CHINTPURNI – चिंतपूर्णी — is one of the Shakti Peethas also known as  Chhinnamastik Shakti Peeth, is located in Una District of Himachal Pradesh, India.  Chhinnamastika or Chhinnamasta is interpreted as the severed headed-one as well as the foreheaded-one. But the most popular name is Chintpurni which mean the deity who fulfills the desires and saves from all sorts of worries.

According to Markandeya Purana “it is believed that after the victory of Mother ‘CHANDI’ over the demons, the two disciple companions Ajay and Vijay begged of mother , to quench their blood thirst.  On hearing this goddess ‘CHANDI’ cut her own head and quenched the thirst of her disciple companions.  That is how goddess was named as CHHINNAMASTIKA.

Chhinnamasta, the headless goddess, is the Great Cosmic Power who helps the sincere and devoted yogi to dissolve his or her mind, including all the preconceived ideas, attachments and habits into the Pure Divine Consciousness. Cutting off the head suggests the separation of the mind from the body, that is the freedom of the consciousness from the material confines of the physical body.

According to Puranic traditions, Chhinnamastika Devi will be protected by Shiva – Rudra Mahadev in the four directions. There are four Shiva temples – Kaleshwar Mahadev in the east, Narayhana Mahadev in the west, Muchkund Mahadev in the north and Shiva Bari in the south – which are nearly equidistant from Chintpurni. This also confirms Chintpurni as the abode of Chhinnamastika Devi.

The temple is open from 4 am to 11 pm.

Pandit Mai Das, a Saraswat Brahman, is generally believed to have established this shrine of Mata Chintpurni Devi in Chhaproh village about 26 generations ago. Over time this place became known as Chintpurni after the eponymous deity. His descendants still live in Chintpurni and perform prayers and puja at the Chintpurni temple. These descendants are the official priests at the Temple.

Distance from CHINTPURNI   TO   ………….
CHANDIGARH    …………                               175 Kms
DELHI                                                              405 Kms.
JWALA JI                                                         36 Kms
CHAMUNDA DEVI TEMPLE                        79 Kms
NAINA DEVI TEMPLE                                   115 Kms

AMRITSAR                …….                              159 Kms

VAJRESHWARI  DEVI      – KANGRA          70 Kms

या देवी सर्वभुतेषु बुद्धिरूपेण संस्थिता ।
नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः ॥८॥
Yaa Devii Sarva-Bhutessu Buddhi-Ruupenna Samsthitaa |
Namas-Tasyai Namas-Tasyai Namas-Tasyai Namo Namah ||8|

To that Devi Who in All Beings is Abiding in the Form of Intelligence,
 Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations again and again.

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