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NAINA DEVI TEMPLE  -  नैना देवी मंदिर  -  Naina Devi temple is located on an altitude of 1177 meters in District Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh.  The holy shrine is situated on...

NAINA DEVI TEMPLE  -  नैना देवी मंदिर  - 

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View of Naina Devi Temple Himachal Pradesh

Naina Devi temple is located on an altitude of 1177 meters in District Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh.  The holy shrine is situated on the top of  Sivalik hills near ‘Anandpur Sahib’ towards north.  The Naina Devi temple is quite near the border of Punjab state.   The hills of Naina Devi overlook the Gobind Sagar lake.  The lake was created by the Bhakra-Nangal Dam.  Several mythological stories are associated with the establishment of the temple.

According to a legend, Goddess Sati burnt herself alive in Yagna, which distressed Lord Shiva.  He picked the corpse of Sati on his  shoulder and started the Taandav dance.   This horrified all deities in the heaven as this could lead to holocaust. This urged Lord Vishnu to unleash his Chakra that cut the Sati’s body into 51 pieces. Shri Naina Devi Temple is the place where eyes of Sati fell down.
In the temple, the deity is manifested  as  ‘PINDI’ — a consecreted piece of stone worshipped as goddess.  Although the shrine can be visited any time throughout the year, but on the festive periods  of ‘Ashtami’ in August and ‘Navratras’ in October, it draws a large number of devotees shouting  sloagans – ‘Jai Mata De’  hailing the victory of Goddess.

Another story related to the temple is of a Gujjar Boy named Naina.   Once he was grazing his cattle and observed that a white cow is showering milk from her udders on a stone.  He saw the same thing for next several days.  One night while sleeping, he saw Goddess in his  dreams who told him that the stone is her Pindi.  Naina told about the entire situation and his dream to Raja Bir Chand. When Raja saw it happening in reality, he built a temple on that spot and named the temple after Naina’s name.

Shri Naina Devi Temple is also known as Mahashakti peeth because of defeat of demon Mahishasur by the Goddess.  According to the legends, Mahishasur was a powerful demon who was blessed by the boon of immortality by Lord Brahma, but the condition was that he could be defeated only by an unmarried woman.  Due to this boon, Mahishasur started spreading terror on Earth and Devatas.  To cope with the demon, all Devtas  combined their powers and created a Devi to defeat him.  The Devi was gifted different types of weapons by all Devtas. When Mahishasur got mesmerized by the immense beauty of Devi and proposed her to marry him. Devi told him that she will marry him if he would overpower her.  During the battle, Devi defeated the demon and took out both his eyes. This urged Devtas  to happily applaud “Jai Naina” and hence the name.

Puja archana of Shri Naina Devi Ji is done  five times a day.  Different type of “Bhog” is offered to  Devi Ji   and  each puja accompanied by five  different aarties.  These include Mangal Aarti.

Temple timings : During summer from 5:15 AM – 9:00 PM and during winter from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.   March and June is the best time to visit the place.

Devi darshan tour Naina Devi, Himachal Pradesh

Naina Devi Temple, Himachal Pradesh

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