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SHRI JWALAJI — जवाला जी

Jawaji Temple

Jawalaji Devi Temple

JWALAMUKHI OR JWALAJI  (flame temple)  is one of the highest seat of power amongst  the fiftyone “SHAKTI PITHS”.   It is located in the lower himalays in Jawalamukhi town  of the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

Jwalaji is the most ancient temples besides Vaishno Devi temple.  Its description is given in Mahabharata as well as in other scriptures.  There is a natural cave where eternal flames continue to burn. Some say there are seven or nine flames for the seven divine sisters or the nine Durgas. It is here that Sati’s tongue fell which can now be seen in the form of the flame.
The picturesque temple is built in the Indo-Sikh style,  has a dome that was gilded by Mughal Emperor Akbar. An eternally burning flame that issues from a hollow rock in the sanctum is considered the manifestation of the goddess Devi.
During the month of July / August annual fair is held  especially during the Navratras time and their is lot of devoties visit  Jawalaji temple.
The main attraction is the burning of 9 Flames without any fuel. The goddeess in Jawala Mukhi temple appears in the form of  jyotis .i.e. flames.  Some of the holy and picturesque place around the temple  are — GORAKH DIBBI  – here water seems to boil in small enclosure (kund) and one feels that water should be hot, but in reality the water is cold.  SEJA BHAWAN  – There lies the bed of goddess Jwalaji;  SRI RADHA-KRISHNA TEMPLE – Just near Gorakh Dibbi is this an ancient temple which is built by the Katoch Kings;

One  can reach Jwala Devi Temple by regular Bus Service or by hiring Taxis from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh The Temple is at a distance of 34 KM in south of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.  There is a  frequent bus service by  Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) from Delhi to Jwalaji.




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