Devi Darshan Temple Tour at Bharmour Himachal Pradesh

Bharmani Mata temple -  Bharmour ,  Himachal Pradesh  Bharmani Devi Temple  is at the top of the ridge, 4km away from the Bharmour in the Bhudhal Valley. The place is...

Bharmani Mata temple -  Bharmour ,  Himachal Pradesh 

Manimahesh temple, Chaurasi  Bharmour

Pine Tree at Chaurasi, Bharmour

Bharmani Devi Temple  is at the top of the ridge, 4km away from the Bharmour in the Bhudhal Valley. The place is mainly known for Goddess Bharmani Mata as ibe if tge avatars of Maa Durga.  Bharmani Devi is the patron Goddess of the people of Bharmour.  There is a holy pool in front of the Bharmani Mata Temple.  The dip in the pool is a must to complete the holy Manimahesh Yatra by the devoties of Lord Shiva.  It is believed that the water of the pool is coming from the seven streams at the bottom of the Bharmani cave and the present water is being supplied from its source.

According to a legend Goddess Bharmani  was residing in the Bharmour Chaurasi, before the advent of pilgrims. When Lord Shiva first appears in Bharmour, the Goddess shifted her seat to the hilltop known as Bharmani. The Lord Shiva granted a boon to Brahamani Devi that all persons intending to go on pilgrimage to Manimahesh must have a dip in Bharmani pool. Failing this, their pilgrimage would not be acceptable to Lord Shiva. Since then it is a ritual to visit Bharmani Devi, before the journey to Manimahesh. The view of the Bharmour and its valley  from Bharmani Temple is fascinating

Main attraction of Chaurasi temple complex at Bharmour are:

Ganesha Temple  :  Ganesh or Ganpati Temple: Lord Ganesha temple is situated near the entrance of Chaurasi temple, Bharmour. The temple was constructed by the rulers of the Varman dynasty as stated in an inscription erected in the temple, by Meru Verman in circa 7th century A.D. The wooden temple of ganesha was probably set on fire in Kira invasion of Bharmour and image was mutilated by cutting off legs. The temple of Ganesha is enshrined in a bronze image of Ganesha.

Manimahesh temple belonging to Lord Shiva : Manimahesh temple which stands in the center  of   Chaurasi temple, is main temple, enshrining a huge Shiva linga.   The Shiva Linga is nothing but a symbol of characteristic mark of lord Shiva and is worshiped in a symbol.

Nandi temple- The bronze statue of Nandi (Bull) standing in from of the Manimahesh Temple is beautifully made.

Dharameshwar Mahadev temple : Dharamraj, known as Dharmeshvar mahadev was given a seat on the northern corner of Chaurasi by Maru Varman. It is the belief of locals that every departed soul stands here to seek final permission of Dharamraj to proceed ahead and travels through this temple after death seeking dwelling in Shiva Loka. It is believed to be the court of Dharamraj and is locally called ‘dhai-podi’, which means two and half steps.

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