Triund Trekking Camping and Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Triund which is 9 kms away from Mecleodganj is situated on a ridge with a beautiful view of whole Kangra Valley on one side and Dhauladhar mountain range on the other. Night stay in a tents is a memorable experience at Triund.
LLAQUA (where the snow line start during summer also) which is five kms away from Triund.
Triund is a popular tracker / bag-packers  spot at a height of  2973  meter near  Dharamshala  in the  Dhoula Dhar mountains range  in Himachal Pradesh. At Triund the view of the morning sun coming behind the mountains and in the evening the sunset down below the Kangra valley is a memorable and mesmerizing experience. From Delhi one can easily go the Dharamshala.
From ISBT there are many buses especially HRTC – ORD / DLX / VOLVO plying daily in the evening from 6 pm onwards.  One can refresh him/her in the weekend easily by visiting Triund in Dharamshala.  We have a tailor made tour package for Triund.  The details as follows :- DHARAMSHALA – TRIUND – DHARAMSHALA TOUR PACKAGE :
Paragliding is a unique experience of flying in the sky just like a bird. Any one can go for it as there is no age limit. Any person from 20 kgs to 120 kgs can fly with the help of a pilot. Such rides are know as Tandem paragliding which is considered to be safe but as it is a aviation kind of sports there is risk and the person who wanted to do paragliding had to sign a risk certificate before taking this activities. Children under 18 years old have to take the consent of their parents.
In India one can enjoy paragliding with less risk at one the best and beautiful place known as Bir – Billing  in district Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.  It is the second best aero-sport site in the world.  Bir is a tiny village which is about 70 kms away from Dharamshala. The joy of fly in the air near the mighty Dhaula Dhar Mountain range of the Kangra Valley is an unique experience.
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